February Machine of the Month – B580

The B580 is one of our all-time favorite machines. It comes standard with everything you need to get going whether you love sewing, quilting, or embroidery. It’s big enough to handle most projects yet small enough to still carry with you to classes and retreats.


Standard Features Include:

  • up to 9mm width stitches | think really pretty decorative stitches
  • 11 needle positions | lets you put the needle exactly where you need it
  • large touchscreen | full color and easy to navigate
  • 935 total stitches | includes 12 buttonholes, 284 decorative stitches, and 7 alphabets
  • 100 embroidery designs + editing capability | extra software not nessary
  • Pattern end, begin, mirror, repeat, and extend | complete control over your stitches
  • Perks such as automatic thread cutter, on-screen button measuring, + empty bobbin sensor
  • BERNINA warranty + free machine classes + free service for first year + on-site machine repairs


Feet + Accessories Included:

  • #1C – reverse pattern
  • #2A – overlock
  • #3A – automatic buttonhole
  • #4 – zipper
  • #5 – blind hem
  • #8 – jeans
  • #20 – open toe embroidery
  • #26 – embroidery
  • #42 – BERNINA Stitch Regulator (a $1,000 value!)
  • Embroidery module with large and medium hoops
  • Carrying bags
  • Accessory box | think Barbi closet



  • Comes ready to roll for sewing, embroidery + quilting
  • Perfect size for home use as well as bringing to classes + retreats
  • Can combine designs and edit them on the machine for embroidery; no need for extra software
  • Has the must have perks like automatic thread cutter, on-screen button measuring, + empty bobbin sensor


  • Not as big as the 7- & 8-series machines | won’t accommodate the Maxi & Jumbo hoops
  • Have to remove sewing table to attach embroidery module
  • Doesn’t have dual feed like the 7- & 8- series machines
  • Doesn’t have the jumbo bobbins of the 7- and 8-series machines

The BERNINA 580 is just one of those well-rounded, awesome machines. Perks to make you feel pampered but not so crazy big that you can’t take it places. The MSRP price is rather pricey but we always have it priced at our everyday Lola Pink price.

Now through the end of February 2017 though .. we have it marked down to our super special price. Call the shop and let’s get one on order for you! 337.456.2364


Are you Longing for a Longarm?

Longarm quilting is really starting to explode across the country. With the resurgence of quilting, especially since “modern” quilting started becoming a thing, and the availability of easy-to-use + affordable longarm options on the market .. we’re starting to see more and more people jump into longarm quilting.


Now I will admit … longarm quilting was not my thing. I was more than happy paying someone else to do all the “fancy” stuff for me when I just didn’t feel like sitting at my machine wrestling a quilt for hours. When we’d go to quilt market I was always the one hovering around the machine looking but never actually touching it. Too afraid to grab hold of the handles and too unsure of my creative skills to even think of testing one. That is until we got one in the shop … hello, fun!


The machines are so much easier to use than I ever imagined .. it just glides on those rails. With a little practice with a dry erase marker and a piece of Plexiglass from Lowe’s .. I was quilting an actual quilt of mine in only a few days. Talk about motivation to finish quilts! I couldn’t wait to get them on the longarm. Now again I will admit that my go to was loopty-loops and I didn’t stray too far although on one quilt I did go crazy with DOUBLE loopty-loops. 🙂

And then we got introduced to using the computer modules to run the machine like HQ Pro-Stitcher and the BERNINA Q-matic … a whole new world just opened up to us. Now we could do the super fancy designs and really get crazy with the quilts. The possibilities are endless now and I can’t imagine going back to the straight line and quilt wrestling that I was doing before.

If you have ever been curious about longarm quilting or considered opening up shop and taking in quilts to quilt (there is a huge market for this right now).. then you should absolutely join us on either Friday, March 3rd or Saturday, March 4th for our Longing for a Longarm workshop. There’s no cost … just show up and hear all about longarm quilting, how to choose the best model, and how to make it work as a business if that is your desire.


We’ll be featuring the Handi-Quilter Avante’ with Pro-Stitcher, Handi-Quilter Simply Sixteen with Little Foot Frame, and BERNINA Q24. There will be special event pricing on all machine options plus some giveaways too.

You can register by calling the shop 337.456.2364. Can’t wait to see you then!


Special Edition BERNINA 350 – Cotton + Steel

Bright, colorful, playful, gorgeous, simply breath-taking … this year BERNINA teamed up with the ladies of Cotton + Steel and came up with two crazy cool Special Editions.


I thought last year’s Tula Pink version was going to be hard to beat .. but the C +S ladies really outdid themselves with the Hello, Lovely and I Love Sewing versions. How could you not smile every time you sat down to sew at one of these machines!


I really can’t decide which one is my favorite.


Did I mention they come with a special accessory package too? The everyday B350 comes with a shank and snap on soles. While OK .. they aren’t the full shank presser feet that BERNINA is know for. The full shank feet are so much more precise and durable than the shanks. Plus snap on soles are so much easier for me to lose track of. The full shank feet fit nicely into the accessory closet that I bought to go with mine.

You get 7 full-size presser feet .. #1 Reverse Pattern, #3a Automatic Buttonhole, #4 Zipper, #5 Blind Hem, #20 Open-toe Embroidery, #37 1/4″ Patchwork, and #50 Walking Foot (a $200 value!).

These machines are only available for a short time and in an even shorter quantity. We are currently taking pre-orders at a special introductory price. If you want one, call us today and stake your claim. I imagine these machines will sell just as quickly as the Tula Pink version did which means if you snooze you could very well lose.

You can read all about the C + S design process when creating the machines here ..


To read more about our thoughts on the BERNINA 350 and why it is a Lola Pink bestseller .. click here.

Give us a call at the shop 337.456.2364, send us an email shop@lolapinkfabrics.com, or stop by and let’s make one of these beauties yours.

BERNINA 880 + 790 | a Buyer’s Guide

The BERNINA 880 and 790 are the two largest, most feature-rich sewing machines that BERNINA currently makes. These are the machines that you spoil yourself with.  There is a promotion that is ending at the end of this month that makes purchasing one of these machines that much sweeter .. awesome FREEBIES!

With the purchase of either the BERNINA 880 or 790, you get your choice of either a crazy, awesome Koala sewing cabinet, a BERNINA 350 (great for taking to retreats + classes), a 1300 MDC serger (does both overlock and cover stitches), or the new Embroidery Software 8. If it were me .. I’d absolutely be taking home that Koala cabinet. It is a work of art!


The 880 is a truly awesome machine. It does absolutely everything that I need it to plus things that I haven’t had the time to fully appreciate yet. Customers from those who have sewn for years and years to young moms who are relatively new to sewing love having this machine. It has all the perks and is also user-friendly. If you are ready to be spoiled, stop by the shop and let us show you just how amazing this machine really is.


The 790 is still very much a perk-filled machine. It just lacks about 2″ from the needle to throat (which means slightly smaller embroidery field), doesn’t come standard with a multi-spool holder, and doesn’t have fully automatic threading but … and this is a big BUT .. it does come with the BERNINA B9 hook system!! They took the best of the CB hook system and combined it with the best of a rotary hook system and made a hook that is truly extraordinary! Only the BERNINA engineers could make something so perfect.

For actual Lola Pink pricing, please stop by the shop. Talking about BERNINA machines  and finding the perfect machine for a customer is the highlight of our day.


Kate Spain Latitude Batiks | Now Available

We have been waiting on these fabrics for months and they have finally arrived. These new batiks from Kate Spain are gorgeous. She took designs from some of her previously collections and worked with artisans in Indonesia to reinterpret them into batiks.


Batik fabrics have a special look to them; a very hand-crafted look due to the nature in which they were made. The process for making true batik fabric is different than all the other fabrics we typically get. You will notice the variations in color, the imperfections of the fabric but this all lends to the true hand-crafted quality of the fabric itself. We love these and really struggled with wanting to keep them all for ourselves. No, seriously .. it was tough.


We have precuts from this collection as well. The layer cakes sold immediately and all but one jelly roll. We have more on order so add yourself to the wait list if you want us to hold you one.

I’m currently working on making a new version of the Chubby Charmer bag using the Latitude charm pack. It is going to be so pretty when done. Expect this to be a class coming up shortly …


This collection has already made it to one of our all-time favorite fabric collections list. You might want to grab some before we take it all home. 🙂


BERNINA 770 | a Buyer’s Guide

Who buys the B770_


The BERNINA 770 and its predecessor the B750 has been one of our best-selling sewing machines since its launch. It is priced competitively and gives you so much bang for your buck. Packaged with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator plus the ability to add the embroidery module makes this a well-rounded, sewing beast that is very user-friendly.

Buy this machine if you want to have room to sew whatever you want, want beautiful stitches with minimal fuss, and know you deserve the perks.

Come stop by the shop and let us show you all the reasons why we love this machine and many of our customers have too.

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

When we first heard about the a new Version 8 software coming, I can’t say that we were all that excited. I mean .. we just got used to Version 7 and loved it .. why now with a new version 8? Could there really be that big of an improvement that I could justify selling it to our customers? The answer is most definitely YES! Y’all .. seriously .. this version is awesome!

One of the features I love most is how easy it is to see all the colors used in a design plus be able to hide all the colors not used. See that bar on the bottom with the blue squares? That is showing you only the colors that are used in the design. No more guessing and you can easily select different colors.


Another great feature .. NO MORE DONGLES! Who knew going dongle-free would be so liberating! Instead of using dongles, you get product activations. Which means you can load and use the software on two separate computers so if you have a desktop and a laptop, you can load software and use it on both. (you can only be using one instance at a time though – so still no sharing with friends)

Still another cool feature .. Color Photo Stitch. Now you can take a photograph and with a click of a button, digitize it into a really cool embroidery that is easy to stitch out.


Also added is a fun 3D effect and couching. Now we’re taking embroidery to a whole new level of interest.

There are many more features of this software that we explore here and the new features presentation can be downloaded here which goes into more detail about them.

If you don’t have any BERNINA embroidery software, you really should consider getting this version. Super easy to use plus so many fun extras. If you already have BERNINA software, come stop by the store and we can figure out if you need to update, upgrade, or purchase the full version; it all depends on which version you have currently.

Like I said at the beginning .. I really didn’t have high expectations for this version and thought it would be impossible to sell it to our customers but I was wrong .. so wrong. This version is by far their best yet and once you see it in action, you will understand why. Oh and best yet .. you can try it for FREE .. yep, FREE! Download a fully functioning version of the software here and try it for yourself. I’m telling you .. you will love it!