Longarm Spotlight | HQ Simply Sixteen

The Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen is our best-selling longarm in the shop! From its affordable price to its reasonable footprint to its ability to quilt any size quilt … this machine just rocks! Plus from now until Monday, March 20th .. you can get it for only $117/month with FREE SHIPPING!


This longarm is amazingly easy to use. You will be up and quilting your first quilt super quick and with very little learning curve. You will spend far more time upping your free-motion quilting skills than you will mastering the machine.


As another bonus, we come to your house and set the frame and machine up for you. We would much rather set it up and know that you are good to go than have you struggle and be uncertain if you did it correctly. And what’s better … we do this at no additional cost to you.

In one month, mom and I will be heading back from HQ headquarters in Salt Lake City armed with even more knowledge of the machines and be certified in repairing them. So not only will you have a dealer that comes to your house and sets up your machine but also one that can answer questions and fix your machine too!

We pride ourselves on being here for our customers and look forward to adding you to our Handi Quilter family!

Call the shop or come by if you have any questions about the HQ Simply Sixteen or any of the other amazing longarms in the HQ lineup.















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