Fresh Dew Knits

These Fresh Dew Knits have been hot sellers this week at Lola Pink!

Fresh DewThey are super soft and wash up very well. So far we’ve made the Children’s Corner Nora ..


and the Olive Ann Design Missy


Both dresses sewed up so quick and easy. Many of our customers have been scared to even attempt sewing on knits but once you just do it .. you’ll wonder why you were so scared! Some knit sewing tips …

  • always use a ballpoint needle .. for these knits I used a size 80.
  • use your dual feed or walking foot .. although not a must, these feet help to prevent the fabric from stretching as it’s sewn
  • use the stretch stitch on your machine (if available) otherwise use a zig zag stitch
  • I use polyester thread .. it’s stronger than cotton and will hold up better when stretched
  • never start your seam right on the edge .. the fabric will just get sucked right down into the bobbin area and make a knot. I will sometimes put a sliver of tissue paper between the fabric and feed dogs to help prevent this too.

That’s it .. just a few quick changes on the machine and the knit sews just like regular fabric. Although the edges can tend to roll at times. If it becomes too much to handle, I will use a dry iron and a lot of starch to help make it behave.

If you have more questions, just stop by the shop. We’d love to help you!


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