Cuddle Me Soft

It’s just so soft!!! Everyone that walks by and touches our new Cuddle fabrics says the exact same thing. You can’t help but just stop and pet the hyper-soft Cuddle fabrics. Available in a range of popular colors including teal, navy, silver, and pink .. some solid and some with dots.


So what makes our Cuddle different from what you can get at other big box stores? The Shannon Fabrics Cuddle is thicker and easier to sew than the other stuff. Plus the dots hold up better with use and washing.


Tips for sewing with Cuddle:

  • Keep a vacuum cleaner nearby when cutting the Cuddle | it just gets messy
  • Use a NEW 90/14 ballpoint needle and sew with stitch length of about 3 – 3.25 mm
  • Pin well and take your time | think tortoise not rabbit
  • A Walking Foot or machine with Dual Feed is a must | trust me on this

Cuddle is great for making baby/toddler blankets like the self-binding blanket or even just paired with a regular cotton fabric and sewn together. Toddlers especially love the Cuddle dots.

We even have some Cuddle Quilt Kits ready to go with all the fabrics (including the backing fabric for some) included. The one with the appliqued alligator is a shop favorite!


Shop online or come by the shop and let us help you pick your perfect Cuddle Fabrics!


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