Are you Longing for a Longarm?

Longarm quilting is really starting to explode across the country. With the resurgence of quilting, especially since “modern” quilting started becoming a thing, and the availability of easy-to-use + affordable longarm options on the market .. we’re starting to see more and more people jump into longarm quilting.


Now I will admit … longarm quilting was not my thing. I was more than happy paying someone else to do all the “fancy” stuff for me when I just didn’t feel like sitting at my machine wrestling a quilt for hours. When we’d go to quilt market I was always the one hovering around the machine looking but never actually touching it. Too afraid to grab hold of the handles and too unsure of my creative skills to even think of testing one. That is until we got one in the shop … hello, fun!


The machines are so much easier to use than I ever imagined .. it just glides on those rails. With a little practice with a dry erase marker and a piece of Plexiglass from Lowe’s .. I was quilting an actual quilt of mine in only a few days. Talk about motivation to finish quilts! I couldn’t wait to get them on the longarm. Now again I will admit that my go to was loopty-loops and I didn’t stray too far although on one quilt I did go crazy with DOUBLE loopty-loops. 🙂

And then we got introduced to using the computer modules to run the machine like HQ Pro-Stitcher and the BERNINA Q-matic … a whole new world just opened up to us. Now we could do the super fancy designs and really get crazy with the quilts. The possibilities are endless now and I can’t imagine going back to the straight line and quilt wrestling that I was doing before.

If you have ever been curious about longarm quilting or considered opening up shop and taking in quilts to quilt (there is a huge market for this right now).. then you should absolutely join us on either Friday, March 3rd or Saturday, March 4th for our Longing for a Longarm workshop. There’s no cost … just show up and hear all about longarm quilting, how to choose the best model, and how to make it work as a business if that is your desire.


We’ll be featuring the Handi-Quilter Avante’ with Pro-Stitcher, Handi-Quilter Simply Sixteen with Little Foot Frame, and BERNINA Q24. There will be special event pricing on all machine options plus some giveaways too.

You can register by calling the shop 337.456.2364. Can’t wait to see you then!



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