BERNINA 880 + 790 | a Buyer’s Guide

The BERNINA 880 and 790 are the two largest, most feature-rich sewing machines that BERNINA currently makes. These are the machines that you spoil yourself with.  There is a promotion that is ending at the end of this month that makes purchasing one of these machines that much sweeter .. awesome FREEBIES!

With the purchase of either the BERNINA 880 or 790, you get your choice of either a crazy, awesome Koala sewing cabinet, a BERNINA 350 (great for taking to retreats + classes), a 1300 MDC serger (does both overlock and cover stitches), or the new Embroidery Software 8. If it were me .. I’d absolutely be taking home that Koala cabinet. It is a work of art!


The 880 is a truly awesome machine. It does absolutely everything that I need it to plus things that I haven’t had the time to fully appreciate yet. Customers from those who have sewn for years and years to young moms who are relatively new to sewing love having this machine. It has all the perks and is also user-friendly. If you are ready to be spoiled, stop by the shop and let us show you just how amazing this machine really is.


The 790 is still very much a perk-filled machine. It just lacks about 2″ from the needle to throat (which means slightly smaller embroidery field), doesn’t come standard with a multi-spool holder, and doesn’t have fully automatic threading but … and this is a big BUT .. it does come with the BERNINA B9 hook system!! They took the best of the CB hook system and combined it with the best of a rotary hook system and made a hook that is truly extraordinary! Only the BERNINA engineers could make something so perfect.

For actual Lola Pink pricing, please stop by the shop. Talking about BERNINA machines  and finding the perfect machine for a customer is the highlight of our day.



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