BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8

When we first heard about the a new Version 8 software coming, I can’t say that we were all that excited. I mean .. we just got used to Version 7 and loved it .. why now with a new version 8? Could there really be that big of an improvement that I could justify selling it to our customers? The answer is most definitely YES! Y’all .. seriously .. this version is awesome!

One of the features I love most is how easy it is to see all the colors used in a design plus be able to hide all the colors not used. See that bar on the bottom with the blue squares? That is showing you only the colors that are used in the design. No more guessing and you can easily select different colors.


Another great feature .. NO MORE DONGLES! Who knew going dongle-free would be so liberating! Instead of using dongles, you get product activations. Which means you can load and use the software on two separate computers so if you have a desktop and a laptop, you can load software and use it on both. (you can only be using one instance at a time though – so still no sharing with friends)

Still another cool feature .. Color Photo Stitch. Now you can take a photograph and with a click of a button, digitize it into a really cool embroidery that is easy to stitch out.


Also added is a fun 3D effect and couching. Now we’re taking embroidery to a whole new level of interest.

There are many more features of this software that we explore here and the new features presentation can be downloaded here which goes into more detail about them.

If you don’t have any BERNINA embroidery software, you really should consider getting this version. Super easy to use plus so many fun extras. If you already have BERNINA software, come stop by the store and we can figure out if you need to update, upgrade, or purchase the full version; it all depends on which version you have currently.

Like I said at the beginning .. I really didn’t have high expectations for this version and thought it would be impossible to sell it to our customers but I was wrong .. so wrong. This version is by far their best yet and once you see it in action, you will understand why. Oh and best yet .. you can try it for FREE .. yep, FREE! Download a fully functioning version of the software here and try it for yourself. I’m telling you .. you will love it!


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