BERNINA Spring Sale

BERNINA Spring Sale

It’s time to finally take home your dream machine or machines as the case may be! For a short time only, enjoy 60-months, interest-free financing on all BERNINA purchases of $3,000 or more. That means payments as low as $50/month for a high-end BERNINA sewing machine. Apply online here. Plus get instant savings on top of our already low prices:

$200 off all 5-series machines
$250 off all 7-series machines
$300 off all 8-series machines
$400 off the E-16

$500 off the Q20 sit-down quilting machine
$600 off the Q24 longarm quilting machine

So what can you take home that qualifies for the financing deal? How about a sewing + embroidery with the BERNINA 580E? Or if making quilts is your happy place .. how about a BERNINA 770QE which comes with the BSR standard?


Ready to up your game? The BERNINA E16 and Q24 are top-quality leaders in their fields. Do not sell yourself short without coming by and testing driving one of these amazing machines. Super smooth, easy to use, absolute dream machines priced a lot more competitively than what you’d expect.


Call the shop for more details + pricing information 337.456.2364.


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