BERNINA 770QE | Hottest Deal in Town

Since it’s debut several years ago, the BERNINA 770QE has been one of out top sellers. Its size and perks make it irresistible when searching for a new sewing machine. But during the holiday season, this machine is HOT! Why would sales rise exponentially you might ask? Because of the FREE gift-with-purchase .. the embroidery module! (a $2,000 value)


The BERNINA 770QE is such a fantastic sewing machine. With 10″ between the needle and the throat of the machine, there is plenty of room to work on projects big or small. It also has the new BERNINA 9 hook which basically means beautiful stitches, a quiet machine, and a jumbo bobbin. We’re talking a bobbin that holds at least 70% more thread than the bobbin you’re using right now. We LOVE the jumbo bobbin and know you will too!


The 770QE also has dual-feed which is that extra feed dog that pops down into the back of feet to help move the fabric evenly. It’s a must have when sewing thick fabrics, knits, plaids .. or any fabric really! Easy to use touchscreen, on-screen button measuring, thread cutter, bobbin sensor .. just a few of the perks that you quickly can’t live without.


Have you heard about the BERNINA Stitch Regulator? It’s the patented foot that BERNINA makes that regulates the length of your stitches when you free-motion quilt. Most longarm quilting machines have this feature and now you get it standard with your new 770QE. This foot alone retails for $1,000 and you get it included!


So if we offer this machine all year, why is now the absolute best time to get one? The FREE gifts-with-purchase! Most people who get the 770QE will eventually buy the embroidery module to go along with it (a $2,000 purchase). You can get the embroidery module FREE during the holiday season! However, not everyone is as crazy about embroidery as we are and that’s OK .. BERNINA has you covered. You can choose from either the L450 serger or the BERNINA 350PE. The serger is a great companion machine to your 770QE and if you don’t currently have a serger, this is a great one to get. But maybe you’d rather have a second sewing machine to take to classes, retreats, or to your next sewing get-together. The 350PE is a perfectly sized machine to travel with. So whether you choose the module, the serger, or the 2nd machine .. the gift-with-purchases makes this our hottest selling machine of the season.

Come stop by the shop and we’d love to show you more about it and help you choose your FREE gift. The MSRP on this machine is $6,499 but we’ve got it priced even lower during the holiday season. You can get this great machine for less than $125/month for 48 months.

Merry Swissmas from BERNINA and Lola Pink Fabrics!




BERNINA 790 Plus | Plus Sized Upgrades

Did you know that the BERNINA 790 got a Plus-sized upgrade this Fall? Did you know that you can get an amazing gift-with-purchase FREE right now? Let me tell you why this is my favorite machine we currently offer right now …

The BERNINA 790 is just one of those machine that when you sit down at it, you just fall in love. This sewing machine is easy to use first of all. It’s got a large touchscreen that is front and center with buttons that just make sense. It’s got the new BERNINA 9 hook which just basically means it stitches beautifully and quietly. If you’ve heard anything about BERNINA sewing machines, you’ve probably heard about how beautiful their stitches are and this machine delivers. Quality stitches and super easy to use right from the start.


It’s got a jumbo bobbin, y’all! We’re talking at least 70% more thread than the bobbin you’re using now. Who has ever said they love small bobbins? No one! With bobbins, bigger is always better and the 790 Plus has it. It also has dual-feed or as some call it, even-feed. Basically this is a little extra feed dog that pops down into the back of feet that works with the lower feed dogs to pull the fabrics evenly towards the back. Think of this foot as a mini walking foot that is there to help you along. Thick fabrics, knits, plaids .. all those times that you would normally grab your walking foot can now be done with dual-feed. I love the dual-feed feature!


The embroidery has been upgraded! In the past, the embroidery has been great. The extra-large embroidery field alone has been a huge selling feature of the 790 machine. But now it’s plus-sized! Where before you relied on software for editing, the 790 Plus lets you do a lot of that right there on the screen. We’re talking group/ungroup, reordering the stitch-out sequence, greatly reduces the number of jump stitches you have to trim yourself, plus you can use different file types including *.pes! Plus you get pinpoint placement .. so forget all the frustration with getting your project perfectly straight in the hoop. Toss the template and just select two points from your design and match them to points on your project. Boom .. perfectly aligned without all the frustration. Not sure what stabilizer to use? The 790 Plus has a built-in consultant to help you choose the right stabilizer based on the fabric you’re using. The 790 Plus makes embroidery easy and fun!

These are just a few of the features that make this machine my favorite. Want to hear more? Come stop by the shop and I’ll show you everything else that makes this machine amazing. You can also read more about it on your website here.

What makes it even better right now is the FREE gift-with-purchase you get. We’re talking up to $4,500 value! Have room in your sewing room for a bad-ass cabinet? The Koala Sewing Studio has drawers for all kinds of stuff plus has a hydraulic lift. I am very envious of those who have chosen this option and now have a killer sewing space. But if you’re like me and don’t have the room for it, you get the BERNINA 700 embroidery-only machine (without  module). I don’t know how many times I have sat there watching an embroidery wishing I could be sewing while it does its thing. With this option, you put your 790 module with the 700 which has all the same great embroidery plus features of the 790 Plus and while it works, you can too. Talk about productive! I could get so much more done with this option. The FREE gift-with-purchase is only available for a very limited time. Don’t miss out on the chance to stack your sewing room with this amazing machine and extras.

The 790 Plus has an MSRP of $12,499 but during the holiday season, we’ve marked it down even lower. So you save money off the top PLUS get the FREE gift .. score! You can now get the 790 Plus with FREE gift for under $240/month for 48 months.

You get all of this plus classes to show you how to use your new machine and make the most of it and we do all of our own servicing. Have questions? Call us. Have an issue? Call us or stop in. We’re here to help you before and after the purchase of your machine.

Don’t wait any longer … come get the BERNINA 790 and let your creativity run wild. We’ll also throw in a BERNINA ornament to add to your tree!

Merry Swissmas from BERNINA and Lola Pink Fabrics!




My BERNINA Story | Jennifer

We get asked all the time why we chose BERNINA. The answer is easy .. it’s the best!

We got our first BERNINA almost 10 years ago right after we started making things and selling them on Etsy. Mom always wanted to get a BERNINA and knew they were the best but it wasn’t until we really got into sewing things that we decided if we were going to do this, we needed to do it right.

After getting the BERNINA, mom kept it at her house and I bought a rather pricey Singer .. it’s the brand she had prior although hers was a much older one. We didn’t know at the time that they just don’t make Singer machines like they used to.

We got to sewing and making samples and mom’s items always turned out better than mine. My seams weren’t straight … my tension was funky … the stitches just looked bad. I just assumed that it was because I was a newer sewer and it was frustrating!

She finally let me take the BERNINA home one weekend and everything changed. Overnight my seams were straight .. I didn’t have to fight the tension .. the dress turned out so pretty! When I showed people they couldn’t believe that I had sewn it and I was very proud. I couldn’t believe what a difference a good machine made!

Thankfully this was right around the time that we got the BERNINA dealership and I didn’t have to wait long to get a BERNINA of my very own. Now I can’t imagine ever having a machine that wasn’t a BERNINA!

My first BERNINA was an Artista 430 that I had to share with mom. My first BERNINA that was mine, all mine, was a 350 Special Edition.

We would love to hear your BERNINA story! Email us your story and picture if possible and we’ll feature it on the blog. We’ll randomly pull one story and that person will win a $25 gift certificate to Lola Pink.


Longarm Spotlight | HQ Simply Sixteen

The Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen is our best-selling longarm in the shop! From its affordable price to its reasonable footprint to its ability to quilt any size quilt … this machine just rocks! Plus from now until Monday, March 20th .. you can get it for only $117/month with FREE SHIPPING!


This longarm is amazingly easy to use. You will be up and quilting your first quilt super quick and with very little learning curve. You will spend far more time upping your free-motion quilting skills than you will mastering the machine.


As another bonus, we come to your house and set the frame and machine up for you. We would much rather set it up and know that you are good to go than have you struggle and be uncertain if you did it correctly. And what’s better … we do this at no additional cost to you.

In one month, mom and I will be heading back from HQ headquarters in Salt Lake City armed with even more knowledge of the machines and be certified in repairing them. So not only will you have a dealer that comes to your house and sets up your machine but also one that can answer questions and fix your machine too!

We pride ourselves on being here for our customers and look forward to adding you to our Handi Quilter family!

Call the shop or come by if you have any questions about the HQ Simply Sixteen or any of the other amazing longarms in the HQ lineup.














Fresh Dew Knits

These Fresh Dew Knits have been hot sellers this week at Lola Pink!

Fresh DewThey are super soft and wash up very well. So far we’ve made the Children’s Corner Nora ..


and the Olive Ann Design Missy


Both dresses sewed up so quick and easy. Many of our customers have been scared to even attempt sewing on knits but once you just do it .. you’ll wonder why you were so scared! Some knit sewing tips …

  • always use a ballpoint needle .. for these knits I used a size 80.
  • use your dual feed or walking foot .. although not a must, these feet help to prevent the fabric from stretching as it’s sewn
  • use the stretch stitch on your machine (if available) otherwise use a zig zag stitch
  • I use polyester thread .. it’s stronger than cotton and will hold up better when stretched
  • never start your seam right on the edge .. the fabric will just get sucked right down into the bobbin area and make a knot. I will sometimes put a sliver of tissue paper between the fabric and feed dogs to help prevent this too.

That’s it .. just a few quick changes on the machine and the knit sews just like regular fabric. Although the edges can tend to roll at times. If it becomes too much to handle, I will use a dry iron and a lot of starch to help make it behave.

If you have more questions, just stop by the shop. We’d love to help you!

Nora + Fresh Dew Knit

I love how cute this dress turned out! The dress is one of the newer Children’s Corner patterns, Nora and the fabric is from our Fresh Dew knits. Such a sweet combination.


The dress went together very well and easily. It ended up taking about 3 hours to sew but that was with me up and down and doing other things .. would have gone together much quicker. Also didn’t have my serger at home so had to use the overlock stitch on the sewing machine. Not my ideal choice but it worked. If you’re good .. you could make the entire dress on the serger and have it take a faction of the time. One day I will be brave enough to do that .. one day! 🙂


Already have my next two projects using the knits picked out. First up will be an Olive Ann Missy and then the Green Bee Modern Baby Set .. just waiting to get the pattern back in stock. Stay tuned .. more cuteness to come.


Cuddle Me Soft

It’s just so soft!!! Everyone that walks by and touches our new Cuddle fabrics says the exact same thing. You can’t help but just stop and pet the hyper-soft Cuddle fabrics. Available in a range of popular colors including teal, navy, silver, and pink .. some solid and some with dots.


So what makes our Cuddle different from what you can get at other big box stores? The Shannon Fabrics Cuddle is thicker and easier to sew than the other stuff. Plus the dots hold up better with use and washing.


Tips for sewing with Cuddle:

  • Keep a vacuum cleaner nearby when cutting the Cuddle | it just gets messy
  • Use a NEW 90/14 ballpoint needle and sew with stitch length of about 3 – 3.25 mm
  • Pin well and take your time | think tortoise not rabbit
  • A Walking Foot or machine with Dual Feed is a must | trust me on this

Cuddle is great for making baby/toddler blankets like the self-binding blanket or even just paired with a regular cotton fabric and sewn together. Toddlers especially love the Cuddle dots.

We even have some Cuddle Quilt Kits ready to go with all the fabrics (including the backing fabric for some) included. The one with the appliqued alligator is a shop favorite!


Shop online or come by the shop and let us help you pick your perfect Cuddle Fabrics!