My BERNINA Story | Jennifer

We get asked all the time why we chose BERNINA. The answer is easy .. it’s the best!

We got our first BERNINA almost 10 years ago right after we started making things and selling them on Etsy. Mom always wanted to get a BERNINA and knew they were the best but it wasn’t until we really got into sewing things that we decided if we were going to do this, we needed to do it right.

After getting the BERNINA, mom kept it at her house and I bought a rather pricey Singer .. it’s the brand she had prior although hers was a much older one. We didn’t know at the time that they just don’t make Singer machines like they used to.

We got to sewing and making samples and mom’s items always turned out better than mine. My seams weren’t straight … my tension was funky … the stitches just looked bad. I just assumed that it was because I was a newer sewer and it was frustrating!

She finally let me take the BERNINA home one weekend and everything changed. Overnight my seams were straight .. I didn’t have to fight the tension .. the dress turned out so pretty! When I showed people they couldn’t believe that I had sewn it and I was very proud. I couldn’t believe what a difference a good machine made!

Thankfully this was right around the time that we got the BERNINA dealership and I didn’t have to wait long to get a BERNINA of my very own. Now I can’t imagine ever having a machine that wasn’t a BERNINA!

My first BERNINA was an Artista 430 that I had to share with mom. My first BERNINA that was mine, all mine, was a 350 Special Edition.

We would love to hear your BERNINA story! Email us your story and picture if possible and we’ll feature it on the blog. We’ll randomly pull one story and that person will win a $25 gift certificate to Lola Pink.



Longarm Spotlight | HQ Simply Sixteen

The Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen is our best-selling longarm in the shop! From its affordable price to its reasonable footprint to its ability to quilt any size quilt … this machine just rocks! Plus from now until Monday, March 20th .. you can get it for only $117/month with FREE SHIPPING!


This longarm is amazingly easy to use. You will be up and quilting your first quilt super quick and with very little learning curve. You will spend far more time upping your free-motion quilting skills than you will mastering the machine.


As another bonus, we come to your house and set the frame and machine up for you. We would much rather set it up and know that you are good to go than have you struggle and be uncertain if you did it correctly. And what’s better … we do this at no additional cost to you.

In one month, mom and I will be heading back from HQ headquarters in Salt Lake City armed with even more knowledge of the machines and be certified in repairing them. So not only will you have a dealer that comes to your house and sets up your machine but also one that can answer questions and fix your machine too!

We pride ourselves on being here for our customers and look forward to adding you to our Handi Quilter family!

Call the shop or come by if you have any questions about the HQ Simply Sixteen or any of the other amazing longarms in the HQ lineup.














Fresh Dew Knits

These Fresh Dew Knits have been hot sellers this week at Lola Pink!

Fresh DewThey are super soft and wash up very well. So far we’ve made the Children’s Corner Nora ..


and the Olive Ann Design Missy


Both dresses sewed up so quick and easy. Many of our customers have been scared to even attempt sewing on knits but once you just do it .. you’ll wonder why you were so scared! Some knit sewing tips …

  • always use a ballpoint needle .. for these knits I used a size 80.
  • use your dual feed or walking foot .. although not a must, these feet help to prevent the fabric from stretching as it’s sewn
  • use the stretch stitch on your machine (if available) otherwise use a zig zag stitch
  • I use polyester thread .. it’s stronger than cotton and will hold up better when stretched
  • never start your seam right on the edge .. the fabric will just get sucked right down into the bobbin area and make a knot. I will sometimes put a sliver of tissue paper between the fabric and feed dogs to help prevent this too.

That’s it .. just a few quick changes on the machine and the knit sews just like regular fabric. Although the edges can tend to roll at times. If it becomes too much to handle, I will use a dry iron and a lot of starch to help make it behave.

If you have more questions, just stop by the shop. We’d love to help you!

Nora + Fresh Dew Knit

I love how cute this dress turned out! The dress is one of the newer Children’s Corner patterns, Nora and the fabric is from our Fresh Dew knits. Such a sweet combination.


The dress went together very well and easily. It ended up taking about 3 hours to sew but that was with me up and down and doing other things .. would have gone together much quicker. Also didn’t have my serger at home so had to use the overlock stitch on the sewing machine. Not my ideal choice but it worked. If you’re good .. you could make the entire dress on the serger and have it take a faction of the time. One day I will be brave enough to do that .. one day! 🙂


Already have my next two projects using the knits picked out. First up will be an Olive Ann Missy and then the Green Bee Modern Baby Set .. just waiting to get the pattern back in stock. Stay tuned .. more cuteness to come.


Cuddle Me Soft

It’s just so soft!!! Everyone that walks by and touches our new Cuddle fabrics says the exact same thing. You can’t help but just stop and pet the hyper-soft Cuddle fabrics. Available in a range of popular colors including teal, navy, silver, and pink .. some solid and some with dots.


So what makes our Cuddle different from what you can get at other big box stores? The Shannon Fabrics Cuddle is thicker and easier to sew than the other stuff. Plus the dots hold up better with use and washing.


Tips for sewing with Cuddle:

  • Keep a vacuum cleaner nearby when cutting the Cuddle | it just gets messy
  • Use a NEW 90/14 ballpoint needle and sew with stitch length of about 3 – 3.25 mm
  • Pin well and take your time | think tortoise not rabbit
  • A Walking Foot or machine with Dual Feed is a must | trust me on this

Cuddle is great for making baby/toddler blankets like the self-binding blanket or even just paired with a regular cotton fabric and sewn together. Toddlers especially love the Cuddle dots.

We even have some Cuddle Quilt Kits ready to go with all the fabrics (including the backing fabric for some) included. The one with the appliqued alligator is a shop favorite!


Shop online or come by the shop and let us help you pick your perfect Cuddle Fabrics!

February Machine of the Month – B580

The B580 is one of our all-time favorite machines. It comes standard with everything you need to get going whether you love sewing, quilting, or embroidery. It’s big enough to handle most projects yet small enough to still carry with you to classes and retreats.


Standard Features Include:

  • up to 9mm width stitches | think really pretty decorative stitches
  • 11 needle positions | lets you put the needle exactly where you need it
  • large touchscreen | full color and easy to navigate
  • 935 total stitches | includes 12 buttonholes, 284 decorative stitches, and 7 alphabets
  • 100 embroidery designs + editing capability | extra software not nessary
  • Pattern end, begin, mirror, repeat, and extend | complete control over your stitches
  • Perks such as automatic thread cutter, on-screen button measuring, + empty bobbin sensor
  • BERNINA warranty + free machine classes + free service for first year + on-site machine repairs


Feet + Accessories Included:

  • #1C – reverse pattern
  • #2A – overlock
  • #3A – automatic buttonhole
  • #4 – zipper
  • #5 – blind hem
  • #8 – jeans
  • #20 – open toe embroidery
  • #26 – embroidery
  • #42 – BERNINA Stitch Regulator (a $1,000 value!)
  • Embroidery module with large and medium hoops
  • Carrying bags
  • Accessory box | think Barbi closet



  • Comes ready to roll for sewing, embroidery + quilting
  • Perfect size for home use as well as bringing to classes + retreats
  • Can combine designs and edit them on the machine for embroidery; no need for extra software
  • Has the must have perks like automatic thread cutter, on-screen button measuring, + empty bobbin sensor


  • Not as big as the 7- & 8-series machines | won’t accommodate the Maxi & Jumbo hoops
  • Have to remove sewing table to attach embroidery module
  • Doesn’t have dual feed like the 7- & 8- series machines
  • Doesn’t have the jumbo bobbins of the 7- and 8-series machines

The BERNINA 580 is just one of those well-rounded, awesome machines. Perks to make you feel pampered but not so crazy big that you can’t take it places. The MSRP price is rather pricey but we always have it priced at our everyday Lola Pink price.

Now through the end of February 2017 though .. we have it marked down to our super special price. Call the shop and let’s get one on order for you! 337.456.2364

Are you Longing for a Longarm?

Longarm quilting is really starting to explode across the country. With the resurgence of quilting, especially since “modern” quilting started becoming a thing, and the availability of easy-to-use + affordable longarm options on the market .. we’re starting to see more and more people jump into longarm quilting.


Now I will admit … longarm quilting was not my thing. I was more than happy paying someone else to do all the “fancy” stuff for me when I just didn’t feel like sitting at my machine wrestling a quilt for hours. When we’d go to quilt market I was always the one hovering around the machine looking but never actually touching it. Too afraid to grab hold of the handles and too unsure of my creative skills to even think of testing one. That is until we got one in the shop … hello, fun!


The machines are so much easier to use than I ever imagined .. it just glides on those rails. With a little practice with a dry erase marker and a piece of Plexiglass from Lowe’s .. I was quilting an actual quilt of mine in only a few days. Talk about motivation to finish quilts! I couldn’t wait to get them on the longarm. Now again I will admit that my go to was loopty-loops and I didn’t stray too far although on one quilt I did go crazy with DOUBLE loopty-loops. 🙂

And then we got introduced to using the computer modules to run the machine like HQ Pro-Stitcher and the BERNINA Q-matic … a whole new world just opened up to us. Now we could do the super fancy designs and really get crazy with the quilts. The possibilities are endless now and I can’t imagine going back to the straight line and quilt wrestling that I was doing before.

If you have ever been curious about longarm quilting or considered opening up shop and taking in quilts to quilt (there is a huge market for this right now).. then you should absolutely join us on either Friday, March 3rd or Saturday, March 4th for our Longing for a Longarm workshop. There’s no cost … just show up and hear all about longarm quilting, how to choose the best model, and how to make it work as a business if that is your desire.


We’ll be featuring the Handi-Quilter Avante’ with Pro-Stitcher, Handi-Quilter Simply Sixteen with Little Foot Frame, and BERNINA Q24. There will be special event pricing on all machine options plus some giveaways too.

You can register by calling the shop 337.456.2364. Can’t wait to see you then!